Present and past, below are businesses and start-ups where EntrepreneurialC is or has been applied.

MassCommuter Challenge  In support of National Bike Month and Bay State Bike Week, the 2010 MassCommuter Challenge is the first state-wide event in the nation aimed at encouraging commuters to use their bike for some or all of their trips to work or school and for errands and social activities. The MassCommuter Challenge website facilitates Bay Staters to register and to compare -- in real-time -- how their company, campus or town ranks against all other participants. (across the boards professional services ranging from branding and logo development to website development and deployment)
Nauti-Dog  A successful, principle-driven start-up making quality products for dogs and their human counterparts, Nauti-Dog is kept on a short leash by Sampson, their Chief Executive Dog. Nauti-Dog is right now focused on growth (market base and product line). (advisory services)
Uuquo.org  Currently in beta, Uuquo.org is the first and only Username Registry on the planet. Uuquo's founding principle is a very simple but powerful idea, that your Username should be consistent across the internet wherever and whenever you like. (founder)
Secure Technology Group  Serving growing businesses and municipal departments, STG significantly enhances computer network efficiency and lowers operating costs, thereby freeing the business to devote more time to (you guessed it) their business. (project management, consulting, and advisory services)
Babson College, F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business  Ranked #1 in Entrepreneurship for 16 consecutive years, Babson is on the leading front of applying a consultative approach to marketing and 'selling' its MBA programs to a wide-ranging constituency of full-time students, working professionals, and executives. (process design, project management)
Extensa Software  Cracking a very difficult problem, that of Windows client-server integration, Extensa's development environment turns 'closed', legacy system transactions into encapsulated API's and web services that can be consumed by other applications or webpages capable of serving functionality across the internet. (sales, professional services)
Enkata Technologies  At the height of the internet bubble, Enkata built a critical component for helping world class companies understand and address why customers contact them, why they re-contact them, how to increase customer engagement, and ultimately how to increase customer value. (project management)
Ford Motor Company  A global manufacturer of cars and trucks, Ford positioned itself in the mid-90's by rationalizing and reengineering it's design, production, and supply chain processes . . globally. While currently suffering the economic (and automotive) downturn, their position is much stronger than that of their competitors. (management consulting)
Under The Radar  As an entrepreneur, there are a great many activities we're working on that are currently operating under the radar. If you would like to hear more on the above or discuss under the radar entrepreneurial activities, please Contact Us.

Additional noteworthy clients include: